Common Causes of Home Sprinkler Repair Issues
Posted by commerciallandscapin, 10/05/2017 11:15 am

The first thing most people will notice when approaching a home is the condition of its lawn. A homeowner will have to invest a lot of time and money into making this part of their residence more appealing. Keeping the grass on the outside of a home green and lush will require a bit of professional help.

Allowing professionals to install an irrigation Lakeland system is a great way to ensure the grass around a home gets the water it needs. Over time, a homeowner will start to experience irrigation system repair problems. The following are some of the most common causes of irrigation repairs Lakeland.

Damaged Pipes

Among the most common causes of these types of repair issues are broken pipes. Generally, PVC pipes are used to get these types of systems in place. As time goes by, these pipes will begin to deteriorate and may start to cause problems for a homeowner.

In some cases, a tree root can grow into these pipes and will cause them to break. As soon as a homeowner notices a drop in water pressure or pools of water, they will need to call in a commercial landscaping Lakeland company to lend them a hand. Professionals will be able to diagnose these issues in a hurry.

Blocked or Broken Sprinkler Head

In order for an irrigation system to work properly, the sprinkler heads will have to function. These sprinkler heads can get damaged by things like lawnmowers. A homeowner will need to do an inspection on a regular basis to assess the overall condition of their sprinkler heads.

If it appears one of the sprinkler heads is clogged or broken, the homeowner will have to act quickly. Trying to fix these problems without the help of a professional will usually lead to even more problems.

Damaged Entry or Exit Valves

If a homeowner starts to notice the water pressure for their irrigation system is a lot lower than normal, it may be caused by damaged entry or exit valves. When these types of valves are damaged, it will severely restrict the flow of water in these types of systems. The best way to have these valve issues addressed is by working with knowledgeable professionals in the home sprinkler system industry.

Finding the right landscaping Lakeland company to help with the installation and maintenance of a sprinkler system is important. The team at Florida Ground Pros will be able to get a new sprinkler system installed in a hurry. Call them to find out more about the systems they have to offer.

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